Synchronises Automatically

LEAP Conveyancer is constantly and seamlessly backing up your data with no action required on your part.

Consistent data is immediately accessible from any of your workstations or laptops with LEAP Conveyancer installed.

Synchronises Automatically
The Best Settlement Adjustments

The Best Settlement Adjustments

LEAP Conveyancer’s easy to use calculation tools will take the stress and the errors out of producing your Settlement Adjustment Sheet / Statement of Adjustments.

The Statement of Adjustments / Settlement Adjustments sheet automatically calculates amounts entered into the matter to produce totals in laid out forms that you can send directly to your client. Calculators recalculate and adjust council rates, water rates, and settlement dates automatically.

Even if the settlement date changes, the figures can be automatically recalculated in an instant.

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Matter Types

LEAP Conveyancer includes special input screens for the following Matter Types associated with conveyancing transactions. These have been developed together with conveyancing specialists over the past 20 years. This intellectual property provides the foundation on which the resources are built and includes the following Matter Types:

  • Sale
  • Purchase
  • Mortgage
  • Lease
  • Subdivision
  • Transfer
  • Sale/Purchase of Business
  • Sale/Purchase of Franchise

These input screens enable you to capture all pertinent information and use that information to manage the matter and generate documents, using the appropriate forms and precedents, providing you with unequalled efficiency.

Matter Types
Generate Documents Fast

Generate Documents Fast

Comprehensive and sophisticated precedent correspondence and forms are quickly and easily populated with data from your electronic file.

Always have the correct form at your fingertips as LEAP Conveyancer keeps all forms updated for you by our dedicated content team.

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An Electronic File for Every Matter

Reduce unnecessary paperwork by creating a full electronic file on LEAP Conveyancer. All data, documents, emails and property searches important to your matter contained in one place, on one screen.

Access all of your important information at the click of a button.

All contacts added to a matter are stored in your database and can be re-used on future matters or accessed at any time.

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An Electronic File for Every Matter
Manage Subdivisions and Off the Plan

Manage Subdivisions and Off the Plan

Reduce your data entry time by creating recurring matter templates.

Quickly and easily generate a separate matter for each lot on a subdivision or development without having to re-enter information.

LEAP Conveyancer will also enable you to simultaneously generate the same document across all necessary matters or to all clients with our mailings function.

Integrated Email

LEAP Conveyancer fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook to enable you to save all relevant emails, complete with attachments, directly into the matter.

Any documents stored in your LEAP Conveyancer matters can be effortlessly attached to new emails with the additional option of converting documents to PDF format.

No more frantic searching for email addresses. Outlook will prompt you with relevant addresses from your matter.

Email templates and precedents can also be created in LEAP Conveyancer to swiftly generate a new email and populate it with the correct information.

Integrated Email
Integrated Searching

Integrated Searching

Never miss a search cost recovery again.

Seamless integration with InfoTrack allows you to order all of your searches and property enquiries through one provider directly from the matter using matter related details to pre-populate search fields.

Search results are saved back to the matter to be accessed at any time and searching costs automatically captured as a cost recovery.

Key benefits of integration:

  • Improve your order search time by up to 40%
  • Eliminate wearing disbursement costs via real-time cost recoveries
  • Eradicate manual bookkeeping entries
  • Speediest certificates and search return in the industry

Settlements can be ordered online and handled by experienced, professional business partners.

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Bill Accurately

Quickly and easily generate pre-populated customised invoices and manage your matter accounting, as well as full Trust Accounting and reporting functionality. All cost recoveries and searches you have conducted are captured and ready for invoicing and other disbursements can be added.

LEAP Conveyancer supports fixed price invoicing by automatically adjusting times and fees on an invoice to the amount originally quoted to your client.

Bill Accurately
Manage Trust Funds

Manage Trust Funds

LEAP Conveyancer includes a comprehensive trust accounting package to take the stress out of dealing with both trust accounts and controlled monies accounts.

LEAP Conveyancer allows you to smoothly record receipts and payments, reconcile your accounts and print ledgers and statements.

We also provide a full range of reports to comply with all trust reporting requirements.

Product Integration

Integrating your software will dramatically improve your workflow efficiency, providing you with a better work environment with reduced labour intensive manual processes.

LEAP Conveyancer integrates with the following software:

RapidPay is the only Australian payment system specifically designed for the legal industry and facilitates multiple payment options such as BPAY® and credit card. RapidPay will settle into any Australian Bank, is seamlessly incorporated into LEAP Conveyancer and automatically comes pre-packaged.

By Lawyers Guides and Precedents provide practical guidance to lawyers and conveyancers in small firms. It is in effect a ‘one stop shop’ that provides all precedents and letters in sequence, accompanied by explanatory notes on the applicable law that may be required in a matter.

Xero is an online accounting solution designed for small businesses. Using the combination of LEAP Conveyancer and Xero, you will be able to perform all your legal billing, trust accounting and any time recording online.

MYOB is an online accounting solution for small to medium sized businesses. LEAP Conveyancer uses MYOB for all the back office transactions, General Ledger, BAS and payroll.

FileMan is a file archiving solution for Australian law firms and conveyancing practices. Manage and retrieve your files securely online saving time and money. For firms using LEAP software, FileMan is fully integrated allowing you to focus more on revenue generating activities and less on administrative tasks.

InfoTrack provides compelling advantages for your day-to-day searching needs.

Product Integration
Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Have the flexibility of working anywhere at any time by accessing LEAP Conveyancer via the smartphone application.

You can:

  • Access your matter information and related correspondence.
  • View matter accounting details including Financial Summary, Office Ledger and Trust Ledger.
  • Locate contact details for all parties concerned in any matter.
  • Place calls directly from your contacts.
  • Share documents - Send emails and forward documents.
  • Print documents directly from your phone.
  • Convert existing documents to PDF
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Add Your Own Precedents

Access thousands of legally drafted precedents: Full access to a library of guides and precedents, kept up-to-date with changes to case law and legislation and written by over 30 legal authors.

Generate your own precedents: You can generate your own automated legally drafted precedents quickly from within LEAP Conveyancer when you are subscribed to By Lawyers.

Use the Guides to train new employees: Leverage the Guides and you can get new employees up to speed and generating income a lot quicker.

Empowering Paralegals: Delegation to Paralegals provides leverage that will allow you to do more work, thereby reducing the need for additional staff.

For the specialist: Seasoned practitioners use the Guides as a reliable source to confirm their knowledge in an ever changing legal world.

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Add Your Own Precedents
Automated Forms

Automated Forms

Highly sophisticated forms at your fingertips.

LEAP Conveyancer has Australia’s largest collection of automated forms that are kept up-to-date by our dedicated content team. Forms are automatically completed from client and property details entered into the matter.

Easy to use calculation tools such as the Statement of Adjustments sheet automatically calculates amounts entered into the matter to produce totals in laid out forms that you can send directly to your client. Calculators recalculate and adjust council rates, water rates, and settlement dates automatically.

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Data Conversion

The biggest challenge for a conveyancer, is not only choosing the right software for your needs, but also identifying when your existing solution is more of a hindrance than an asset.

Perhaps you are wondering whether your existing conveyancing practice software is still working for you. To help decide, here are some things you may want to consider:

I can work remotely without having to log into the office.
I use a single application for all my matter documents, correspondence (including emails), trust accounting and billing.
I am entitled to free, automatic version upgrades.
I have a modern, stable platform that I can easily navigate around.
I can access all my matters, documents and accounting information on my mobile phone.
I have automatic synchronization of data across all my devices.
I have access to support resources, both online and face-to-face.

Did you leave any boxes unchecked? If so, then your conveyancing business is likely to be suffering from inefficient software.

LEAP converts data from:

  • Iceridge
  • Conveyancing Manager
  • LawPlan
  • Filepro
Data Conversion
Marketing - Create Your Own Customised Website

Marketing - Create Your Own Customised Website

Included with LEAP Conveyancer you also have your own custom designed and Google optimised website. This gives your firm a distinct advantage attracting clients over any competitors without a web presence.

Elements include:

  • Your choice of a WordPress template customised to match your branding.
  • Website optimised for smartphones and tablet devices
  • Domain name registration
  • Website hosting
  • Blogging functionality
  • Weekly reports on website visitor activity
  • Unlimited website support during business hours

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