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Eureka Conveyancing

Katrina Abrams

Location: Ballarat, VIC

“I decided to go with LEAP Conveyancer as after initially trying the competitor's product I realised that it wasn't up to scratch and wasn't ready to use.

Since installing LEAP Conveyancer I am much more efficient, spending less time doing manual tasks, and am being more accurate as I'm not typing the same information over and over again.

I found the installation and training process very easy and straight forward. There were no costs other than the monthly fee for LEAP Conveyancer as the computer I had was fine to use.

My file handling is now much more streamlined. I can do more things more efficiently, and can work from home or offsite if I need to. I also find 1001 Conveyancing Answers, which is included in the LEAP Conveyancer package, a great tool to have access to.

For me the key features of LEAP Conveyancer are that searching is integrated so I don't need to enter property details to order my searches. All my searches are captured against the matter and go automatically onto the client's invoice so I don't miss these expenses.

Another key feature is that LEAP Conveyancer comes with all the standard letters I need as well as up-to-date forms. It has been very easy to modify the precedents and also add my own. The field structure makes sense to me so I can set up my own automated precedents easily. l also love that if I'm working in a file and need to send an email to my client I can just right click on their name and send an email straight away.

Lastly, the fact that my matter information and accounting information is in one application is great. It saves me so much time!

I would recommend LEAP Conveyancer to other conveyancers. It has increased my productivity, profitability and has definitely made my life easier. I can actually take lunch breaks now!”

ProChoice Conveyancing

Donna Emile

Location: Skye, VIC

“Getting started with LEAP Conveyancer was simple and easy to set up. While we needed to start with fresh data this was not a challenge and instead gave us an opportunity to make sure our records were up to date.

LEAP Conveyancer is a very user-friendly product, it is both simple and fast which keeps both staff and clients happy, as we are able to turn around documents very quickly. No longer are we battling with a complicated system, Leap Conveyancer always runs smoothly, and that means no struggle – it just works.

The top advantages for me are that I find the contract compiler really helpful to turn documents into a PDF, and we no longer have the need for physical files now as everything is stored on the computer, which saves us a lot of time.

I would recommend LEAP Conveyancer to everybody, it makes life much easier and using it is always a great experience.”

Murdoch Conveyancing

Brooke Murdoch

Location: Epping, VIC

“I’d heard about LEAP Conveyancer when we received an email inviting us to try a free online demonstration of the product. We were having many problems with our current searching system as it was horrible to use, time consuming and often had glitches, so I was keen to give the free demo of LEAP Conveyancer a try. We were immediately impressed by how simple and user friendly it was.

As we were having so many issues with our previous provider, we required LEAP Conveyancer to be set up in a hurry. The software was installed remotely, and it took about an hour and half, it was so easy. The set up went really well and since then everything has been running smoothly.

LEAP Conveyancer has had a great impact on our business, I find that we are more efficient and are able to spend less time with files and fixing documents. The integration into our software was seamless. Initially we had to enter all the data, but once this was done, the information was carried throughout the program and means you never have to manually enter anything again. I actually found this process to be beneficial as I could then ensure that the information contained in LEAP Conveyancer was up to date from the start, which ends up saving so much time, as something that previously took us 30 minutes now takes 5 minutes, and has up to date information, making us far more proficient.

One advantage I personally found very handy, was that the software can be used with remote access. This means that if you are working from home, or are on the road and need to do a quick search, LEAP Conveyancer is right there at your fingertips.This also means that everything is stored online, so if your computer crashes you don’t lose everything related to the files you have been working on.

As well as this, I found that being able to collate all the documents for a particular file into one PDF to email to clients to be a great feature, as well as the way that LEAP Conveyancer stores all the documents and information for each client within the matter, meaning there is no need for physical files. This helps to eliminate human error.

LEAP Conveyancer has undoubtedly increased our profitability and productivity. You can do everything from searching, through to ordering documents and doing accounts, and you don’t even have to be in the office to use it! I am not a technical person at all and I found this product easy to use, so I cannot recommend LEAP Conveyancer highly enough.”

Star Conveyancing

Dina Dybner

Location: Toorak, VIC

“My previous software provider was very impersonal. I decided to switch to LEAP Conveyancer because I was impressed with the account management side of LEAP.

I was not using my previous software package to its full potential as I never got training and so I did not really know what to do.

I met all of the LEAP Conveyancer team at a Best Practice Group in Melbourne and this is where I decided to switch to LEAP Conveyancer.

It was very easy to get started with LEAP Conveyancer. The initial installation was quick and I was assisted to import all my own letters. Now I am using the software to its full capacity.

LEAP Conveyancer has changed my practice as it now takes me much less time to complete files. It is easier for me to create documents such as a contract of sale. It takes less time to create contracts as the relevant data is automatically merged into fields.

I now use the system to its full capacity. Key features for me would be that all of the correspondence is saved back in to the matter for future reference. The customer support and technical support are also fantastic as they are very knowledgeable.

I find the integrated legal searching very useful as it saves me time. In one go I can do all the searches I need and then they are all then saved back in to the matter.

Creating PDFs and sending emails is easy. Before I would just send faxes, which I now feel that may have been a hindrance to my business as it is not the preferred method of communication for most real estate agents.

As LEAP Conveyancer is in the cloud, I now don't need as many physical files. This saves space in my (home) office and also is less risky in case of blackouts or fires. All information is still there no matter what.

I would recommend LEAP Conveyancers to others because of the superior system and also because of the customer service. The system has increased my businesses productivity and profitability through saving the amount of time it takes to complete a file. Since I have been using LEAP Conveyancer my practice has changed as life is much easier.”

Confident Conveyancing

Raylene Varone

Location: Kingsville, VIC

“I initially made contact with someone from LEAP Conveyancer as I felt that the new version of my previous software provider was too clunky and still very manual. LEAP Conveyancer seemed more user-friendly.

I had all of my data converted from my previous software provider and I was impressed at the quality of the data. The migration of data went smoothly and I was able to access the data that I required quickly.

As a sole trader I have found LEAP Conveyancer excellent as it saves me time. My accounting is now so easy as the software integrates with MYOB. All of my accounting data is fed through automatically so that bills can be created quickly.

My work literally takes half the time that it previously took me now. Manual tasks that use to take me around 4 or 5 hours to complete now take me about 2 hours.

A feature that I find very impressive is the fact that all of my client information in one place and it can be automatically merged into my documentation.

I also am impressed with the amount of research that has gone into the precedents and forms you have available through LEAP Conveyancer and how they are kept up to date so I don't need to worry about it.

I would recommend LEAP Conveyancer as it is such a time saver for me. It has increased my productivity and profitablity as I don't spend as much times on files.”

Homes Finance & Conveyancing

Wei Hu

Location: Melbourne, VIC

“LEAP Conveyancer has enabled us to better service our clients and become more efficient.

Of the many great features, we particularly enjoy that LEAP Conveyancer gives us the ability to create and email our contracts without printing them, the precedents we need are all kept up-to-date, integrated searching with the disbursement automatically allocated to the client ledger, and email management so that all our email correspondence is saved in the matter.”

Lawsons Conveyancing

Maria Iacuone

Location: Templestowe, VIC

“I highly recommend LEAP Conveyancer to any firm who wants to increase their efficiency and productivity. I have been impressed with the level of service that the LEAP Conveyancer team has provided from the sales process, through to implementation and ongoing support.

Our business got up and running with LEAP Conveyancer within a day and because it is so easy to use we hardly needed training.

LEAP Conveyancer has provided an end-to-end solution for my business with document and email management, billing and trust accounting, along with integrated legal searching.”

East Coast Conveyancing

Paul Bollen

“LEAP Conveyancer has improved our productivity by about 30% and has dramatically reduced our IT costs. I recommend LEAP Conveyancer to anyone looking to improve the efficiency of their conveyancing practice. It's the future available NOW!”

LMW Conveyancing Services

Louise Willows

Location: Wombarra, NSW

“Initially, I became aware of LEAP Conveyancer, some time ago in 2012, while attending a Conveyancing Seminar in Nowra, and although I was interested in the product, I deferred purchase until quite recently. In retrospect, I ought to have made the move to LEAP Conveyancer a long time ago, the ability to perform my job requirements more quickly and efficiently, make LEAP Conveyancer well worth the while.

As a sole practitioner, the LEAP Conveyancer Software Solution ably assists my practicing of Conveyancing, allowing me to create the required and relevant documents with greater efficiency, and streamlining my Conveyancing Practice generally.

Although, as an Apple Mac user, a parallel program was required to operate the new software, the associated costs of installation and training were provided free by LEAP Conveyancer, through their 2013 End of Financial Year Offer. The initial set-up and installation was supported by the very helpful Customer Service team, and the free Information Booklet assisted me greatly in learning the functions of LEAP Conveyancer. From the booklet, I was able to learn to create a PDF document and contract without undergoing training.

Since adopting the LEAP Conveyancer product, I have appreciated the benefit of several functions, including the ability to save emails direct to the matter, and that I now need no longer scan individual documents in order to create a contract, LEAP Conveyancer automatically compiles the document, and I am able to generate a PDF of the file.

As an efficient software product, that is user friendly, easy to navigate, and as a solution in which the outlay cost will be well earned back in time saved, I highly recommend LEAP Conveyancer as the software solution of choice.”

All Round Conveyancing

Joanne Doueihi

Location: Berala, NSW

“I first found out about LEAP Conveyancer through using it in another firm. I’ve worked in offices that have had LEAP, and those that haven’t, and the difference between searching software used is vast.

For a start, LEAP Conveyancer makes life much easier. Navigating the searching system, InfoTrack, is uncomplicated and when you receive your results, they are simple and clear to read.

The fact that LEAP Conveyancer is so easy to use means that you have more time to dedicate elsewhere. You spend less time searching for documents and more time on the important tasks.

One of the most brilliant features of LEAP Conveyancer is the advanced diary functionality. This allows you to enter important dates for each file into a calendar so when a document or invoice is due, you receive a reminder. This allows you to get on with on other tasks and not have to worry that you may be missing a deadline, as you can rely on the diary to remind you on time, everytime.

Another positive for LEAP Conveyancer is that you can have numerous documents open at once. I have used other software systems that did not have this option and it is time consuming having to constantly open and close each file you that are working on. As well as this, the fact that all client information populates into the searching fields makes life much simpler.

The staff at LEAP Conveyancer are also fantastic. They are easy to talk to and many of them have experience in the conveyancing industry themselves, so they know both the product and industry very well. This is definitely an advantage and is very helpful when I call, as they know instantly what I am talking about and fully understand any queries. Any time I have logged an incident with the Helpline they have called me back quickly. This excellent service is invaluable as it allows us to get on with our work without being held up by unresolved issues, which can often drag on and waste time.

Since day one, I have had no problems at all with LEAP Conveyancer, and I would highly recommend this conveyancing software system to anyone. There is no doubt that our productivity has increased and it is a tool that makes work much easier, keeping both us and our clients very happy.”

Dib Conveyancing

Mona Dib

Location: Granville, NSW

“After listening to the outline of the features of LEAP Conveyancer, during the NECDL e-Conveyancing webinar, I decided on the spot, that the product would solve my conveyancing software requirements.

My time is heavily invested in communication with clients on the phone, and finding time to complete the requisite conveyancing paperwork is difficult; LEAP Conveyancer, opportunistically presented itself as the solution for a more efficient, time saving solution for my Conveyancing Practice. The day following the webinar, I called the team at LEAP Conveyancer for an immediate sign-up.

Since beginning with LEAP Conveyancer, my practice has become more efficient, I have more time for attention to clients, rather than for the processing of paperwork. LEAP Coneveyancer allows me to operate a professional conveyancing practice and is the perfect program of its type.

The transition and installation into LEAP Conveyancer was a smooth transaction, with the installation process being completed all online. The following-up from the LEAP Conveyancer team, in assisting with the transition was immediate. The Customer Service team were most supportive, I was never made to feel bad, even when, on late notice, I need to reschedule training appointments.

Getting started with LEAP Conveyancer is simple, easy and logical, adapting to the new software could not have been straight-forward.

As a cost-effective solution, there were no costs with getting started, only the $120 a month.

With LEAP Conveyancer, the ability to send standardised letters to clients and solicitors, as required, straight from the matter, is a time-saving asset to my Conveyancing Business.

LEAP Conveyancer’s Special Introductory Offer, of free installation and training, on sign-up before the end of June, I highly recommend if you are considering the purchasing of LEAP Conveyancer in the future.

I would definitely recommend LEAP Conveyancer to associates in Conveyancing, I am very glad I adopted the software; I save time and money, I love the support. Life is easier, LEAP Conveyancer has taken away my stress and I feel more confident!”

Versatile Conveyancing

Melanie Bond

Location: Luddenham, NSW

“After establishing my own Conveyancing business in January of this year, and having recently discovered LEAP Conveyancer at a Conference in Nowra, I determined the LEAP Conveyancer Software solution was perfect in assisting the management of my practice.

Having previously self-researched and collected the precedents required in completing my client matters, LEAP Conveyancer’s automation of up-to-date precedents, alleviated my concerns of out-dated information; I need now no longer worry, the accuracy of current precedents is assured.

In the short time since beginning with LEAP Conveyancer, my practising of conveyancing has become more streamlined, efficient and convenient, as a consequence, I able to offer a better service to my clients.

Installing LEAP Conveyancer was very easy, the professional installation of the software was undertaken by a very supportive customer service department. As a user of Apple Mac, the LEAP Conveyancer Software operates off a parallel system, and the helpful assistance in completing the set-up of this software was appreciated.

Beginning with LEAP Conveyancer was very easy, I was able to pay the entire year’s monthly fees up front, and with no set-up or installation fees, the cost-effectiveness of signing-up was excellent.

For myself, the most useful function of LEAP Conveyancer, is that it operates seamlessly with InfoTrack, all searching and results are combined in the matter, it certainly saves valuable time.

As a recipient of LEAP Conveyancer’s current EOFY Special Introductory Offer, I would readily recommend to others the taking up of this limited offer. From the initial purchase of the product, through to installation, was less than a week, and the flexibility in training offered was well suited to my requirements; I was able to request training over the phone, rather than in person.

I would most certainly recommend LEAP Conveyancer, has a most efficient and cost-effective solution, although, for myself, the Customer Service offering is a stand-out of the company.”

Rickwood's Conveyancing Services

Clare King

Location: Harrington Park, NSW

“I first heard about LEAP Conveyancer at the Nowra Conference at the start of 2012. The fact that I could operate my Conveyancing business from anywhere in the world really sold me. I’m planning to go overseas next year, so I was impressed with the fact that I could take my laptop with me and be able to access LEAP Conveyancer anytime anywhere.

It took me a long time to finally bite the bullet and move to LEAP Conveyancer, which I now regret taking so long to do, as it’s such a great product to use.

Integrated legal searching, the quick contract compiler and the fact that everything is saved back into the matter are just a few great LEAP Conveyancer features. It also takes a lot of manual work out of my job. When my old system crashed, I had to do Settlement Adjustment Sheets manually. These calculations were quite time consuming and finicky. Knowing that I can now trust LEAP Conveyancer to work out all of these calculations for me, and do it quickly, is a great feeling.

One of the biggest and unexpected benefits of LEAP Conveyancer is that I’m not as stressed. I know where all my matters are up to, I can get through my work more quickly. I don’t have to search through reams of emails and letters to find the document I need, as it all saves to the file. My husband has even noticed the difference in my stress levels, saying that using LEAP Conveyancer has definitely been a great move for my business.

The initial set-up and installation of LEAP Conveyancer was quick, easy and the cost involved in getting started was minimal. I also found that starting with a fresh new database was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Every file is so different, so I never really needed information from previous files.

The LEAP Conveyancer team have been a pleasure to work with, going above and beyond, and I would not hesitate to recommend LEAP Conveyancer to anyone that wants a more efficient conveyancing business. It has definitely increased my productivity, and time is money so it will help my bottom line too!”

Stocker Conveyancing

Rebecca Stocker

Location: Toronto, NSW

“During the sales and set up process for LEAP Conveyancer I dealt with Business Development Manager, Kirsty Mercer. I was extremely happy with Kirsty's knowledge of the conveyancing Industry and the ins and outs of LEAP Conveyancer. There was never a question that Kirsty was not been able to answer.

It was coincidental that when I emailed to enquire about LEAP Conveyancer, Kirsty was in the area and was able to come and give me a demo that day. I had really no intention of signing up immediately, and probably wouldn't have if Kirsty had not have conducted herself in the manner that she did.

It is not very often you come across somebody that is so dedicated, professional and knowledgeable. Kirsty has even called me outside of hours and when she was off sick. In fact, it is 8.13pm and she has just responded to an email I sent her 10 minutes ago. She is definitely a massive credit to your team, so make sure you hang onto her.

I have also had a few dealings with Daniel Hanna in your technical department and although I don't understand that side of things, whatever problem I had, he fixed in a timely manner. Allison Shonyo in your web building team has also been so helpful in making sure that I understand the process from going from my current webhost to LEAP Conveyancer's. I do not have an IT person so the information she gave me was very useful and again, so quick!

All in all, I have only recently installed LEAP Conveyancer, however I am already extremely happy with the service, and of course the product itself. I am very pleased with my decision to go with LEAP Conveyancer. Thank you very much!”

Stellar Conveyancing

Michelle Watt

Location: Noosaville, QLD

“I decided to purchase LEAP Conveyancer because of the fact that the software was in the cloud. It was a huge selling point as I have staff members working remotely. With LEAP Conveyancer they are able to work from home or access files that they need when out visiting clients.

LEAP Conveyancer changed our practice immensely. As a business owner, I find the fact that there is no server more cost effective. A system in the cloud has been a real bonus for my staff and they have found it very exciting to work with.

I previously worked for a big law firm in Brisbane that had a slow, non-intuitive system. When I started my own practice, a lot of the staff from the previous firm that I worked in followed me due to the fact that I installed LEAP Conveyancer. They all knew that it would make their lives easier. These staff members were working 14-15 hours a day to get the same result as working a normal hour working day now due to efficiencies LEAP Conveyancer has created.

The initial set-up and installation was easy. We didn't actually have to do anything and we were up and running in no time at all. The system was so intuitive that we able to get started without formal training. It's just so user friendly.

We have found LEAP Conveyancer's customer support fantastic. The people we have dealt with have all been friendly, professional and are always willing to go above and beyond what was required of them.

My business relies on LEAP Conveyancer consistently throughout the day. It assists us work through a matter in a systematic and efficient manner. As there is a full suite of precedents ready to use, we are able to generate legally drafted precedents quickly. All relevant client and matter information automatically merges into these precedents. Precedents are also kept up-to-date in line with changes to case law and legislation so we don't have to worry about doing this ourselves.

I find the most useful function of LEAP Conveyancer to be the ability to merge documents into one PDF to email in seconds. We do a lot of our work via email, so this feature helps us to be a lot more efficient.

The fact that our searching and accounting is all integrated into our system also makes life a lot easier. It was previously one staff member's role to input searching fees into our accounting system. Now all disbursements are automatically added straight onto our ledger. It saves man hours and is much more accurate.

I would recommend LEAP Conveyancer to any practice that runs Conveyancing files as it makes your practice much more efficient. Anyone can run a Conveyancing file with LEAP Conveyancer. It includes everything you need to run a basic file, presented in a user friendly system.”

Ron Lawson Lawyer

Megan Stone

Location: Albany Creek, QLD

“We were contacted by Peter Ferrett back in June 2013 to organise a demonstration of LEAP Conveyancer at our practice, and since then, I have processed over 200 matters through the LEAP Conveyancer system.

The initial set up and installation of LEAP Conveyancer was done so quickly – the team literally came in , took over the computer, loaded it up with the software and from then we were up and away! Getting started was such a breeze, I was able to get several matters up and running before we were even given our training – that’s how simple and user friendly LEAP Conveyancer is.

After using the system for several months, I can confidently say that LEAP Conveyancer has made life better, tasks are completed much quicker and the system is so streamlined, there is no fuss around getting things done efficiently. Not only this, but it is so affordable, and is definitely cheaper than our previous software provider, so LEAP Conveyancer is worth its price tag.

I couldn’t pick a single function of LEAP Conveyancer that I find the most useful as every feature of it is better than any other system I have used. Matters and settlements are a joy! There are never any dramas. I believe that LEAP Conveyancer is 110% better than anything else available in the market.”

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