With many of the state governments introducing a timeline for complete digital transactions, practices are quickly moving to electronic conveyancing. Complete electronic conveyancing is available from within LEAP, including:

Conveyancing matter types > verification of identity > certificates and searches > electronic contract > e-Signing and exchange > electronic settlement.

True integration

Save time by accessing all commonly ordered searches from within LEAP, with search fields auto-populated and search results returned directly back to each matter.

Quickly create a new matter in LEAP using the eCOS ID from InfoTrack. With a two-point verification process (eCOS ID and Title ID), the data returned is always for the correct property.

Real-time cost recoveries

Save money by avoiding disbursement write-offs using real-time cost recovery. All disbursements are automatically returned to the LEAP matter, removing the manual process of entering cost recoveries.

Faster electronic settlement

Create, launch and manage your PEXA workspaces from within LEAP. Matter information will be auto-completed on creation of the PEXA workspace.