Practice Management Software for Conveyancers

The smartest conveyancing software that will manage your matters and automate tasks.

Australia’s most widely used practice management system for e-Conveyancing

Matter Management

Improve collaboration within your team and eliminate duplication by having one electronic file for all your client and matter related information.

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Settlement adjustment calculator

A fast and efficient way to create accurate settlement statements, adjustment sheets and statement of adjustments.

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eConveyancing Ready

Complete electronic conveyancing features including: conveyancing matter types, VOI, certificates and searches, contract, e-Signing, exchange and electronic settlement.

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Email Management

Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, all emails are automatically saved to their corresponding matter.

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Office & Trust Accounting

Comprehensive trust and office accounting package with both trust and controlled monies accounts.

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Integrated Searching

With InfoTrack searches you will improve your order search time by up to 40% while ensuring you don't have to write off disbursements.

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Automated Conveyancing Content

Matter information is auto-populated onto LEAP Forms and By Lawyers legally drafted precedents.

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LEAP Mobile App

The LEAP Mobile App allows you to communicate with clients and colleagues, record time and access matters - all from the palm of your hand.

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Data Security

You can trust LEAP to securely store and back up your data. LEAP’s cloud infrastructure is maintained by the industry leading cloud platform provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Join Australia’s most widely used practice management system for e-Conveyancing

With LEAP Conveyancer, matter creation is easy. From the moment a matter is opened, all of the information required is readily available with added features such as:

LEAP is a fully hosted, backed-up and secure cloud software solution for you where you don't need your own servers to:

  • Combine and edit PDF’s
  • Secure sharing through LawConnect
  • Critical dates & tasks
  • Conveyancing reports
  • Up-to-date automated forms
  • eSignatures