The LEAP Mobile App allows you to communicate with clients and colleagues, record time and access matter documentation, all from the palm of your hand. It is available for iOS and Android.

A more secure and easier way to take your folders with you

Quickly view client matters and financial information including contact details, correspondence, critical dates and tasks. Pinned correspondence and folder hierarchy, created in your LEAP Conveyancer desktop, is reflected in LEAP Mobile App.

Every legal document you’ve ever created is only a click away

Instantly access all matter correspondence including letters, forms, emails and PDFs. Easily share a document as a PDF attachment directly from your device with the sent email automatically saved to your matter.

Stay connected to matters when working with email

Experience seamless synchronisation with your matters on your LEAP Conveyancer desktop while you work away from the office. Add multiple attachments to your email correspondence and time record your email activity.

Easily capture all your billable time

How much extra work outside of the office could you possibly be billing for? Instantly record time on all outgoing calls or use the timer to track all external meetings and appointments from your mobile device.

Scan, save and share on-the-go

Within the LEAP App you can take a photo of important documents, IDs and evidence. A PDF of the photo is saved to your matter allowing office staff instant access to the documents.

Why type when you can dictate?

Voice-to-text dictation within the LEAP App allows you to quickly create time entries, file notes and emails by talking into your phone.